Services in the 'En cours d'execution' state. Strange!

My YunoHost configuration

Hardware: internetcube (lime 2)
Internet access: wifi at home
YunoHost version:
yunohost: 2.7.5
yunohost-admin: 2.7.5
moulinette: 2.7.5
ssowat: 2.7.5
Have you personalized your yunohost with some specifics configurations or do you use only the yunohost cli/webadmin tool ? basic
If personalized, how:
I have done the following command : service ynh-vpnclient-checker restart but I do not think this may be the cause of the issue described below.

Description of my problem

I am checking my services page and all of them are in the following state: En cours d'execution. This is strange. Before They are in the ‘Démarré’ (or something like that) state.
I am basically trying to access to my Nextcloud application and I have to enter my login / password and I am getting the following error: 504 Gateway Time-out
In the past, I did not need to enter my credentials since the user interface. But I lost the LDAP configuration (I guess).
What should I do to have my services in the ‘Démarré’ state?

Thank you in advance for your support!

OK, forget it. The French language makes me confused… actually.
The translation of the ‘Running’ state is ‘En cours d’execution’ in French. In English it sounds like ‘being executed’, so but yet ‘Running’ :wink:
No failure here. I close this (none-)issue.