Server with SSD and SATA storage: how to optimize mount points configuration


I have a server with both SSD and SATA storage (SSD: 350GB / SATA: 700GB)

I would like to install on the SSD disk everything that requires fast access (system, software, databases) but that data which doesn’t need fast access (images, documents, videos, any user data, maybe database dumps) is saved on the SATA disk .

Is there a recommended way to do this, such as mounting the SATA disk into /home? or rather mounting to a neutral directory (such as /mnt/sata) and pointing symbolic links (for example /home -> /mnt/sata/home_dir)

Which directories should be included on the SATA disk?

If you mount /home it will be transparent. A symbolic link is not completely transparent and some app could be impacted (rarely).

If you need to cover several dir (for example /home and /var/www/xxx/data, the symbolic link way could work, or you can create partition for example with lvm.

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