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Dear Supporters

It’s been more than a year and nothing has changed: Server regularly down - #16 by Schoebi

I almost daily have to restart the server.

System is up to date of course, Debian 11 upgrade did not change anything unfortunately.

Anyone an idea about this? Thanks!

It would help if you can share a more detailed and accurate description of the problem …

eg the original post states :

None of the apps is accessible, the yunohost dashboard still appears though. A error appears saying something about “nginx” (next time it happens i’ll fetch the exact error message and post it here).
The admin access doesn’t work, that means the admin login screen appears, but it doesn’t login. The admin login site just reappears.

But this is pretty fuzzy and confusing

You need to explain very precisely, for example :
« I open my browser and go to https://something (is it via the domain name ? the global IP ? the local IP ? anything else ?) »

And share any detailed error message that you get, or screenshot

I open firefox from outside the home network, enter my yunohost page ( and the following appears:

Then I enter my credentials and get:

Mokay … what’s confusing is that the CSS and images are not displayed, but the login form is …

Do you happen to have a specific app installed at the root of that domain ?


From within the network I get the images and the admin login seems to work.

I don’t remember what I clicked this time, but I got:

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