Server disconnects from the internet after some time and hard reboot is required to make it work again


Hi everyone, just installed YunoHost and all the updates yesterday on an old laptop (2009). The laptop which (I’ll call server here) is connected to the router with an ethernet cable and everything works fine so far until after approximately an hour of uptime it becomes inaccessible from the web.

If I inspect it manually everything looks ok, it is running, the fans are spinning, but if I open the lid nothing appears on the screen, it is lit, but nothing is shown on in. No manipulations make it work again and I have to perform a hard reboot.

Also: every time after startup the networking ports are all set to DOWN and it is not connected to the network. I have to type:

sudo ip link set enp4s0 up
sudo dhclient

and only then it connects. enp4s0 is the name of an ethernet port.

After performing reboot on startup I see some ipmi related errors on the screen. Something like “expected unchained minus for mem etc.” Googled it and didn’t find any solutions.

I’ve read through the /var/log/messages file and didn’t see anything suspicious, I will attach it to the post though.

messages log

I can’t paste the whole thing here because of the length limitation. I can’t include the files and links too… So I’ve posted a link but with spaces in some places, so please remove them, sorry for that. Hope I won’t get banned.
I’ve uploaded the whole thing to privatebin, you can view it here:

https:// bin. disroot .org/?c2e25ec48e222e4b#2t8okSfxFsipGivwbR26VxoxSBJAULGBsF73Snm7Xae2

password is: yhforum

I assume the server died at Apr 25 04:45:50 and I rebooted it once again at Apr 25 13:36:28. I find usb-related mesages weird though, I have nothing connected to any of the USB ports.

Just a random though : as it is a laptop, can it be due to some powpr-saving-feature to hibernate or to switch off after 1h without human input ?
I have no idea on how to change this if this is the problem, but maybe try to move a mouse or touch the keyboard every few minutes to check if it changes something ?

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