Sentry, automated bug reporting

Hi folks,

I just came across Sentry the other day and though it might be a useful tool for YunoHost.

It’s an automated bug reporting system.

They propose a self-hosted version documented here:

YunoHost could propose that as an option if the user agrees to of course.


Yes !

Thanks for poiting this out, we were discussing about it a few days ago on the dev chatroom. Not sure we have the manpower to implement this though :confused: But that would be a really cool thing to have.

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Yes, I’ve been using sentry for a very long time already, their error protocol is very simple so I’m very tempted since quite a lot of time to reimplement a very small simple sentry inside yunohost to catch the apps bugs in a central place for easier debugging. But, well, we sadly have more urgents things to do :confused:

Regarding packaging sentry has an app: it’s quite memory consuming (it’s designed for large scale).