Self-host and VPN


I am trying to self-host including e-mail, but my ISP doesn’t let me customize Reverse DNS. So I am thinking of getting a VPN service.

According to Yunohost documentation, if you run Yunohost at home behind a VPN, you don’t require to do manual port routing.

I found a VPN service I like, however their documentation says you need to forward ports to have a server. I guess that is not really a problem if they tell me how to do it, the problem is they say you cannot request a specific port number, you can only generate a random port number. I guess that is really a problem.

Is Yunohost documentation ok and this VPN service is just an exception?

Do you have any recommendation on VPN service?

I would need them to do Reverse DNS too, so that email works.

Thank you!

Run your own OpenVPN Open Access server on a VPS.

Easiest VPN is Digital Ocean. I use them for doing this, but I haven’t set up reverse DNS.

Here’s how to easily install the OpenVPN on Digital Ocean

How to setup your port forwarding

Here’s how to do the reverse DNS there.

You can also choose pay for a vpn service which can configure a reverse dns for your domain name, like arn (in France): Perhaps easiest ? You will not need to open ports with this solution… Ask them before if it is compatible with your country, I don’t know ?

Thank you very much @arkadi and @rodinux!

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