Searx: Change "YunoSearx"

I would like to change the “YunoSearx” text, right in the upper left corner. See image:

Where can I change this text?

I just found it by myself:

I had to edit the “seetings.yml” file: /opt/yunohost/searx/searx/settings.yml

instance_name : “My desired Name” # displayed name

After restarting the server, the name has changed.

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Have you been using searX for a while? How well does it meet your expectations?

I set it as default search engine on my desktop and laptop, but after being happy at first it does give results, I got less euphoric after finding that quite often there are only a few, sometimes not any, results for not outlandish searches.

SearX being a meta-search, I had expected it to receive at least the results of one or two queried search engines.

I must admit that the problem did not yet get so out of hand that it had enough priority to see if there’s a timeout I can set/expand in the configuration.

The main reason for switching to searX was in the (vain, so far) hope that I’d be able to filter any and all Pinterest pages in any search results.

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