Seafile no admin user and linked files are pointing to lokal not https

  1. no seafile (admin) permission added to the system admin user or available:
    I have installed Seafile successfully
    can log in via sso but my admin account does not have admin previleges in seafile
    seafile app, configuration user and groups there is no" seafile (admin) permission" available or added to my admin user of yunohost. like for example for nextcloud.
    so how do I give my admin user from within younohost the admin rights?
  2. Sharing does not create external https links !
    If I want to share a Link external and create it the link points to
    something seems to go wrong during the installation.
    I was assuming to get an link with the but this is not the case
    What do I have to do so the sharing to external uses the correct domainname and link?

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