Seafile drive/sync login fails

I seem to fail to login into my seafile installation using the seafile-drive/seafile-client applications.

My installation is recent yunohost (2 week old) with the seafile version 9.0.2~ynh2, with the default settings. Yunohost is installed on a VPS at domain seafile is using the domain Proper let’s encrypt certificates are installed on both domains.

I can log into the webinterface without issue via the sso login, however if I try to use the client on my home PC (running Arch) I can not connect. What I do:

  • start seadrive-gui (same with seafile-client)
  • select login via SSO
  • use as login URL.
  • The yunhost SSOlogin website appears in a s I enter my login and password.
  • Everything seems to work ok, the window closes and a window opens which says syncing file list
  • The syncing file list window just stays open
  • The indicator item menu indicates there is an unknown error.

Relevant sections from the logs (note I had to exchange the login URL with LINK inside the code below because of the arbitrary restriction to 5 links for new users):

  • ~/.seadrive/logs/seadrive.log*

    [10/14/22 13:13:14] start to serve on pipe client
    [10/14/22 13:13:14] http-tx-mgr.c(2255): Bad response code for GET LINK/api2/repos/: 302.
    [10/14/22 13:13:16] http-tx-mgr.c(5411): Bad response code for GET LINK/api2/account/info/: 302.
    [10/14/22 13:13:16] sync-mgr.c(832): Failed to get space usage for account LINK/


[14/10/22 13:17:07] Switched to account LINK 60464de
[14/10/22 13:17:07] FetchAccountInfoRequest: failed to parse json:‘[’ or ‘{’ expected near ‘<’

So it seems to me that seadrive is getting to a wrong page when querying (I suspect and error page) and thus fails to parse the response.

Now the interesting bit is that on android, I can login using the same method. So I’m not 100% sure if this is a yunohost or seafile issue, but I thought I ask here first if anyone else has encountered it.

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