Seafile client can not connect with nginx compatibility set 'modern' in tools/yunohostsettings/security

hi here
i have seafile 9.02 installed in yunohost.
i can acess to it via a seafile client (v 8.0.10) on a mac book air (OSX 13.2.1).
if i set ‘modern’ in the nginx compatibility, the client can not connect anymore to the library and i receive a ssl error message ‘seafile SSL handshake failed’.
I found a fix in setting ‘intermediate’ to nginx compatibility in tools/yunohostsettings/security.
could you please look at this ‘bug’ or should i change some setup in seafile directly ?
i hope you will keep the nginx compatibility ‘intermediate’ until a fix is found
best pascal


It’s probably an issue on the upstream clients application. I had a same issue with seafile client on Android. In this case it still be a known issue and a pull request was made to fix this issue but it was not merged. I suggest you to create a new issue if not already exist or comment the existing one to indicate the developer that theses issues impact the ends users and should be fixed in higher priority on the client app repos.

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