Sandstorm co-exists with YunoHost on the same server



Hi all,

Still in the process of planning migration of my old server to a new one running YunoHost. I’ve used Sandstorm for a long time and would like to keep running it on the new server.

To avoid conflict with nginx, I plan to run Sandstorm on a non-standard port e.g. 8443.

Do you see any potential problems running Sandstorm on a YunoHost debian server?



Well, everything depends on your exact use case (e.g. do you plan to have the public accessing your apps) but I would not recommend trying to mess with web servers ports … this leads to a lot of complications even for people who kinda know what they are doing.

About running YunoHost and Sandstorm in parralel, I have no idea how Sandstorm works, but I would really not expect this to cohabit peacefully. I would expect both to end up willing to play with configuration files one way or another, and it’s gonna be a mess sooner or later … But you can try :confused:


My plan is to have YunoHost running on[80|443], and Sandstorm running on a separate domain No plan for public access, authenticated users only. May be allow anonymous use of Zerobin.

A nice thing about Sandstorm is that it’s completely self-contained. There’s no dependencies of nginx / apache reverse proxy. It runs on its own SSL/TLS capable web server. The wildcard SSL cert signing is completely free and does not depend on certbot or any 3rd party tools. So, any potential conflicts with YunoHost’s web server config is really the last thing I’d worry about.

My understanding of Sandstorm’s files structure: Everything (code, logs, databases) is installed under /opt/sandstorm prefix. Prefix can be changed during install. The only external files that will be installed are init / systemd scripts.


It seems that sandstorm can run within Docker. This seems like the best option.
You can then try to use redirect_ynh to proxy pass the sandstorm ports, and hope of works…

The thing is, why would you want to keep sandstorm, given than most of its apps can also run under YunoHost?



Running Sandstorm in parallel so that I can evaluate both solutions. I do like Sandstorm’s design that allows multiple copies of the same app to run simutaneously, and the base framework is really light-weight. It won’t be easy to migrate data between the two systems so I guess they will need to co-exist for a while.

Thanks for the tip about Docker. Will try if running bare metal fails.