Same [user]name, different domain


I was just wondering if it would be possible to have the same username with different domains:

As far as I know YunoHost takes the username as the unique ID, and there cannot be another one with the same name, even if they are from different domains/websites/projects. Am I wrong?

Any way to bypass this?
I guess I could set up another server but that wouldn’t be efficient.


You are talking about email aliases.
You can define what you want for every user.
For example, you have a yunohost user called John and you have 3 domains and You can define the aliases you want You can also define anything you want etc.
You can add it in the webadmin > users > email aliases. As long as you have the domain name listed in your domains.

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I didn’t think of aliases that way but it’s not the solution I was looking for.

An alias is an identity for the same person, so I guess it would work under certain circumstances. But what if they were two different people with the same name (John) using two different domain names? One would have to be and the other one, right?

Thanks for the reply anyway. I (want to) believe I have a clearer understanding of how it works, what I want to achieve and how to do it.

It would be necessary to have different users names : johndoe and johndeep. The first can have and the second

Slightly off topic, I discovered an interesting quirk with your suggestion and SnappyMail: Email aliases are not valid login identifiers · Issue #18 · YunoHost-Apps/snappymail_ynh · GitHub

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Ok, that might work for emails, but it wouldn’t for other services as the ID is the username, not the email address / alias. Eg: synapse uses the username, not the email, so there couldn’t be two synapse users named john even if they were using different domains [ and].

It’s the same on Twitter: usernames are unique. But when it comes to email, there could be plenty of johns so long as their provider was different (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, live, gmx, ymail, outlook…).

It’s not important, I know, but maybe it’s something to keep in mind and plan ahead: usernames should be composed of name + surname if you are planning on adding a bunch of people to your server.

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