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RustDesk Server for YunoHost

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Install RustDesk Server with YunoHost


Self-host your own RustDesk server. RustDesk is a full-featured open source remote control alternative for self-hosting and security with minimal configuration.

Shipped version: 1.1.8-2~ynh1


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Just to say that I’ve tested RustDesk.
It’s working fine for me.

connexion on Windows : perfect on both side
connexion Windows/Android : Working, but no way to act on android from windows. sreens are visible on both way


sauri faure maille Angliche :wink:



Can you tell me if it’s possible to have the server management web interface in order to configure the application and thus fine-tune security settings and other possibilities?

It’s a pro feature… They call it managed and unattended devices and charge for it $9.90 a month.

After installing the server package, i try to access the web console, as described in the RustDesk admin documentation. However, trying to access the dedicated port results in a 404 page. Is the web console feature not included with the yunohost package?

I dont think there is an interface, just a relay :sweat_smile:
The interface is in the pro-version as I understand.

Thanks. Actually, it’s pretty clear on their licensing page that the feature i am missing is only part of the pro subscription. But it looks like the Server Pro is a completely different branch / package and therefore right now not available for self-hosting on Yunohost.