RPortd not open source anymore, should it remain in the catalog?

Hi all,

I was browsing the app catalog and one of the apps I clicked was RPortd.

It is a Teamviewer/Anyconnect/MitM-connector-like remote connection service. It was not clear to me whether the part that would end up on Yunohost was the man-in-the-middle part or the client portion.

After some digging, I found a link that still had some background info. The docs are quite nice, but there is an off-putting notice hidden on one of the installation-pages:


The Github-account has already been removed, and rport.io forwards to a commercial VNC offering.

If the version packaged for Yunohost is still runnable under a libre license that is nice, but it does not seem to receive any security updates in that case.

Is that a valid worry, or should it stay in the catalog nonetheless?

Edit - I just had a look at the screenshot: it’s just a day closed source, now that is a coincidence! Pity!
For those interested, there is a goodbye page from the mother company available at the archive

I understand building a successful business based on open-source software can be difficult, but deleting the code repository retroactively after close-sourcing is such a shitty move.

Shame on them.

Steps for its YunoHost package:

  1. Put up an anti-feature “deprecated-software” notice in the catalog: Rportd has been closed-sourced and its repository deleted by tituspijean · Pull Request #1740 · YunoHost/apps · GitHub
  2. Add the anti-feature in the app’s manifest or DISCLAIMER explaining the situation: Deprecation notice by tituspijean · Pull Request #10 · YunoHost-Apps/rportd_ynh · GitHub
  3. Close all active issues and make the YunoHost package repo read-only :white_check_mark:
  4. Maybe post an announcement on the forum
  5. Let’s wait a month or so (to let current users know what’s up), and remove the app from the catalog.

(doing the steps now)



Naively, perhaps it could be replaced by https://rustdesk.com/ ?