Route yunohost traffic through wireguard vpn?

I see in the VPN Providers Guide that vpns with a .cube configuration are recommended for routing your yunohost traffic through (and avoiding the limitations of a router or ISP which does not allow port forwarding or other issues).

Is it possible to route a local yunohost traffic through a wireguard VPN on a server somewhere? I’m wondering because if I have a server running yunohost in Digitial Ocean, and its running the wireguard yunohost server, I wonder if I could route the traffic of a local yunohost running on local hardware through this server?

The VPN Client app for Yunohost and the .cube or manual config is, as far as I know, based on OpenVPN.

If you need to setup your home server as a client of your DigitalOcean machine and route all incoming and outgoing trafic maybe have a look on those gist config files to find some inspirations.

I’m not sure about the port forwarding.

Your home server will be able to initiate it’s outgoing trafic through the tunnel but how to forward, let’s say the tcp port 443 of your Digital Ocean machine to your home server, allowing it to answer to the rest of the world ?

Some of the associatives ISP suggested on the VPN providers guide you point to, provides routable and not filtered fixed IPv4 an/or IPv6 and not just « tunnels ».

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There is a nice Homemade WireGuard VPN on a VPS server thread if you need more.