Roundcube update error

I tried to update roundcube today stopped with error. Log found here:

Sounds related to :

 WARNING -   The HOME or COMPOSER_HOME environment variable must be set for composer to run correctly

I recall that I saw this at least once in another app I believe … Maybe people from the apps group now more about this :confused:

No big changes on that line since the previous version.

Don’t know why suddenly COMPOSER_HOME would be unset.

Manage arguments with getopts
ynh_handle_getopts_args “$@”
Is the “-” before final path right?
Just a wild guess…

Discourse hide the real link… The link to the line I was showing is that !

To answer your specific question @mr_smithers, :- means if workdir is empty, use final_path instead.

Thanks for the clarification.
The error disappeared in the meantime…