Roundcube/Rainloop External Carddav

Hi All!

I have an issue with both mail client and carddav synchronization. I already have a nextcloud instance running on a different serveur on a subdomain of my yunohost instance.

yunohost server running on mydomain.ext
nexcloud server running on cloud.mydomain.ext

When I want to add a new Carrdav sync to roundcube nothing happens. I get a green pop saying that everything went fine but nothing happens.

In Rainloop when I want to sync the contact I get the following error:

Contacts synchronization error

Everything is working on thunderbird or on my mobile.

Anny idea?



I’ve also tried to install rclone to back up my yunohost to my external instance of nextcloud and this is what i get:

error listing: couldn’t list files: Propfind https://cloud.mondomain.ext/remote.php/webdav/: x509: certificate is valid for,,, not cloud.modomain.ext

The 2 issues might be linked as they both concern connecting to a nextcloud instance?