Roommates on my proxmox dedicated to Yunohost Vms

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I have a proxmoxe server hosting Yunohost VMs and I’m looking for roommates.

My setup consists of a VPS server at OVH that acts as a VPN server.
At home, I have a PC with proxmox that hosts the VMs and a NAS for weekly backups.
Each VM has a fixed IP and its traffic is encapsulated in a VPN tunnel. I did this installation because my ISP was blocking port 25.

In terms of costs :
69.22 euros per year for the VPS at OVH
12 euros per year for each public IP.
142 euros per year for electricity for the servers.

I still have room on the proxmoxe server.
I’m looking for roommates to share the running costs and experiment with managing a VM hosting service (managing backups, updates, VM creation). With me alone on the server, it is not really challenging.

In an ideal future, I would like to offer a hosting service dedicated to Yunohost VMs.
Since a couple of years, I am member of the CHATONS collective :
My website: