Rocketchat On Raspberry Pi

I cannot get Rocketchat to install on my Raspberry Pi 3.

This is the error:

2018-12-08 17:37:58,839: WARNING - Failed to enable unit: File mongod.service: No such file or directory
2018-12-08 17:37:58,949: WARNING - !!
2018-12-08 17:37:58,952: WARNING - rocketchat’s script has encountered an error. Its execution was cancelled.
2018-12-08 17:37:58,955: WARNING - !!
2018-12-08 17:37:58,958: WARNING -

So I verified that mongod is installed and running using info from here:

But it still fails to install. Is it possible that it needs to run on a subdomain as root? Its not mentioned in setup, but I think I read that somewhere.

I need ideas … anyone?


Unfortunately, mongodb-based apps cannot be installed on Raspberry Pi like at all :confused:

Thanks. I did a bunch of Googling and came to the same conclusion. Too bad.