Rmilter 1.9.2: no more dkim signature

Hi all,

I used to have a valid dkim signature on my emails managed by rmilter.
Today through my usual update, rmilter went from version 1.8.6 to 1.9.2.

The dkim signature seems to be no longer working. There is actually no signature in the email!
-I’ve checked mail.log and mail.err and didn’t find anything.
-rmilter is running.
-I’m still using rmilter with a pid and not a socket (apparently socket works bad with systemd?)
-I checked rmilter site, and didn’t find any warning about dkim for this version.

What am I missing??


Hi there,

it’s a known issue and is being worked on since a few days : https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/pull/256

We’ll probably release a quick hotfix when it’s ready in the next few days.

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It would be great if you could test the fix pointed by @CaptainSqrt2 (https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/pull/256) (if you feel confident enough to do that), we are looking for more tests before releasing a hotfix.

Applied the modifs on rmilter.conf (adding extra lines in the dkim section and moving it on top of the file)
I had to switch back to “mail” instead of “dkim” as selector, and regenerate the keys, but it now works!
So a “pristine” rmilter.conf non-modified by user and updated by yunohost should be home-free!


fix is included in Yunohost 2.5.6 so you can basically update your system (yunohost tools update --ignore-apps && yunohost tools upgrade --ignore-apps) and run the config files regeneration for rmilter: yunohost service regen-conf rmilter --force.
Remove the --force flag if you don’t want to override some custom configuration.