[Riot/Element] A web client for matrix

can Riot become an official app? it is a web app for the matrix.org chat protocol

there is a packaged version here GitHub - Josue-T/riot_ynh: Riot packaged for yunohost

To be an official app, riot need to reach at least the level 6. .
But this app is only at 3. It needs the backup and restore scripts to be ready for the level 6.


I know about the level. It’s the reason because I don’t try to make riot official.
For this level about the backup, there are nothing to backup. This App provide just some file (javascript, html, etc) to the browser. The other problem is the authentication. It’s not possible to possible to make automatic the authentication because the authentication is between the browser and the synapse server.

so will it be impossible for riot to reach level 6?

The problem is the authentication. For Backup, a could implement but it won’t be useful because it will backup nothing !!

It will backup the nginx config, php config, the chosen domain, the path, and all other thing bring by yunohost.
A backup script is always useful for the final user, even if there is no data to backup.

Ok, I understand your point of view. I’ll implement backup and restore script.

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awesome, thanks!

any update on this? I would love for matrix to become an official app on Yunohost


@ark, why is it so important to make this app official ?

Firstly, the backup is NOT only the problem. The other problem is the SSO and to implement it the http auth need to be implemented in Riot. See issue : https://github.com/vector-im/riot-web/issues/3830

Secondly, I’m going to do this for yunohost 2.6 (because there are more helper and some issue are solved in).

Thirdly, an app can’t be officilal in few day, in all case it take more time to be checked by the yunohost community.

Fourtly, I don’t have time these week for that work.

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I think it’s an app that aligns perfectly with Yunohost’s mission in decentralizing services and giving users power over their data. It being default would also have Yunohost members looking at it more often and make the update process more straightforward as well as making the ability to redirect to your hosted matrix room when people visit your website work by default

We do get your point.
In any way, it’s up to @Josue to trigger the application process whenever he wants, and as he said, it would be then up to the Apps Group to make an extensive review.

In the end, it all depends on free time and good will from people to contribute…
So please feel free to help @Josue if you can, we’re here to help you :wink:

its been impossible so far for me to setup a redirect so going to chat.domain.tld redirects me to my matrix room. It always takes me to the admin page to login to yunohost =\

the latest update of Riot came out which allows users to create html Homepages and improves the guest experience a lot.