Restore backup from folder directly


I’ve seen this thread restore-from-folder-rather-then-tar-gz but the main question is not answered:
Is there a way to launch a restore command by-passing the tar extraction and going directly at the extracted files?

The reason I’m asking is because I’m currently restoring my Nextcloud app including data. It’s a quite big one, but it goes through the following sequence that’s time consuming, needs a lot of disk space, and seems pointless to me:

  1. retrieve backup (it’s a restic backup) → files in a folder
  2. tar the whole thing in a file I place in /home/yunohost.backup/archives
  3. launch the restore command, and first thing it does is… extract the tar, reproducing what I had right after step 1…

At some point, I will have an occupied disk space ~4x the size of the data:

  • Initial retrieval (very long, so I’m not deleting that until I’m sure everything is done)
  • tar archive I created
  • extracted archive by the restoring process
  • data back in their place on the system

It’s twice what should be needed.

Is there an option somewhere to just switch to the part of the program right after the tar extraction and pointing to the folder (or we’re to place the files in the right spot, similar to the archives directory) ?


Sadly, still no option to do that properly.

You should :

  • Recreate the tar without the data
  • Restore tha nextcloud app
  • Move the data on the path /home/
  • Rescan the data with nextcloud occ command