Restore an app from a full backup : not enough free disk?

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I have a general question about restoring backups made using Yunohost. I don’t have the case at the moment, but I remember that at one point I wanted to restore a “small application” (Dokuwiki, a few dozen MB) from a full backup (including all the system configuration and all the applications on my Yunohost server) and I couldn’t do it because the free space left on the server wasn’t enough (if I remember correctly). I still had dozens of GB free, but less than the size of the backup I wanted to restore from: is that the reason? Yunohost needs to decompress the whole backup to restore only the desired application, and so it was blocking?

I managed to deal with it without restoring that time, but I’m a bit worried if later I really need to restore an application from a full backup (e.g. in the event of mishandling that would destroy an application, because in the case of application updates by Yunohost I know that there are automatically generated backups before the updates). Is there any way of “extracting” only part of the backup? Or decompress the backup on a disk other than the one on which Yunohost is installed?

Thanks in advance for any clarifications.

Related issue: yunohost backup restore checks for available space as if we'll restore the entire archive even though we ask to restore only a single app · Issue #1911 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub

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Thanks @Aleks for the fast answer!

In the meantime, is there a way to “force” the restoration by skipping the check of available space?