Restore a backup (nextcoud) no admin web

there’s nothing else to say… admin… wink… and do nothing …

I log in yunohost… everything works perfectily
yunohost admin
puf password… wink… puff… back again putt the password… it’s like ignoring me

Are you sure ?

I mean when you created this topic, you just ignored the template (the one who ask, ynh version and help you to descrive your problem) and replaced it with a message with too little info to let us understand what’s going on.

Remember this small case when you subscribe on this forum:

Asking for support *
[ ] I understand that if I come to this forum to ask for help, I should use the proposed message template to facilitate the job of volunteers who help me.

And the banner on top of this forum

:uk:/:us: If you come to this forum to ask for help, then **please *carefully read* and *use* the topic template of the support category** :+1: ! Support is provided exclusively by volunteers, and takes quite a lot of time. If you don’t follow the topic template and guidelines, you are basically wasting people’s time. Therefore if you don’t respect this, **the team reserves the right to close your topic without a warning**.

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