Restic & rest-server: Backup Program

I just discovered Restic in my research on backup solutions for my Photoprism photos.

I think many of you would be interested in this deduplicating backup program. The major difference between it and borg is that it supprorts S3 backends like Wasabi/Google Cloud etc. I personally like the clear, simple CLI commands it uses compared to Borg.

  1. Is anybody using Restic? or rest-server? What was your experience like?
  2. Any tips on setting up rest-server on Yunohost?
  3. Opinion for those using it: rest-server vs rclone vs SFTP (via SSH)?

For those finding this thread a long time later…
Here is how I setup restic to backup Yunohost

Daily Automated Backups with Restic (same as link above)

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