[Restic] Backup with restic

Salut, suite à la procédure que j’ai postée pour la sauvegarde avec Restic, j’ai créé un package restic, ça serait cool si des gens pouvaient le tester et s’il pouvait être ajouté au catalogue en mode in progress :slight_smile:

[english version]
Hello, following the backup procedure with restic I posted earlier this week, I create a package.
It would be awesome if people were able to test it and if it could be added to the apps catalog with the in progress state :slight_smile:


I have made the PR on apps list for you, i have also forked into YunoHost-Apps organisation and give you right on the repo.

Thank you!

Ok so now my app passes the tests on the dev ci.
What’s next? I guess I wait for your pull request to be merged?

If you think it could be declared “working” instead of inprogress i can change that on the PR

Yes, that would be nice, thanks.

Your app has been included and tested on official ci : https://ci-apps.yunohost.org/ci/job/6254


That’s really cool.
I just read the contributor doc and saw that it was clearly explained how to get here.
Thank you for doing the job for me.

Now what I did not get is how to make the app appear on the APPS CI Dashboard.
Any hint on that?

Your app is already listed on https://ci-apps.yunohost.org/ci/ but not on dash.yunohost.org (maybe we need to do something to update data on it)

Yes that’s what I meant, https://ci-apps.yunohost.org/ci/ is refered to as Apps Continuous Integration and https://dash.yunohost.org/appci/branch/stable is referred to as Apps CI Dashboard in the contributor documentation.

Apparently that’s what’s missing for the app integration level badge link to work on the github repository

I think it’s a question of time to get the result from CI Apps to be include in the apps list…

Does restic’s backups always full or incremental?
I configured and made the first backup and it lasted for almost 24 hours.

Also noticed that restic created the backup folders on /tmp, but i defined the backup folder on /mnt/backups that is mounted on a S3 bucket

Is safe to delete these tmp folders and how prevent restic to create these folders again?

Also, how to do the restore with restic?

Restic backups incremental. My first backup lasted a few days, but now the everynight backup lasts about an hour or so.

Yes, restic is backing up daily and its incremental and fast.
So restic is using /tmp and is using a lot of space, i remember that on the setup it was declared a temp folder that restic could use, can i change this location and delete the files on /tmp?

@bleeh Hi, could you help me with my question?

Hey, I did not plan for it to be modified, an to be totally honest I never managed to make this temp space thing work as I wanted.

I have several restic releases to catch up with so I created an issue and I’ll take it into account for the next version of the package since it’s not complicated at all but I can’t tell you when that will be.

So, even if i uninstall and install and configure again, i can’t change the tmp dir?