[Resolved] AgenDav can’t see my agendas

Hello !
I installed Baïkal on YunoHost, I created on my user two calendars with Thunderbird+SOGO connected to Baïkal. These calendars are well synchronised with my Adroïd app CalDavSync Adapter.
In Baïkal admin all things seems to be good.

But AgenDav does not seem to see any agendas. So, I reinstall it. But the problem looks the same.

So, I done an “apt-get update upgrade” and “yunohost app upgrade”, with reinstall of AgenDav: I got the same problem.

What can I do? see a log file? check some conf files?

Thanks for helping.


Salut !

J’ai installé Baïkal sur YunoHost, j’ai crée deux calendriers avec mon utilisateur avec Thunderbird+SOGO connecté à Baïkal. Ces calendriers sont bien synchronisés avec mon app Androïd CalDavSync Adapter.
Dans l’interface d’admin de Baïkal tout semble correct.

AgenDav ne voit aucun agendas. J’ai donc reinstallé agendav mais le problème persiste. J’ai donc fait un “apt-get update upgrade” et un “yunohost app upgrade”, et une réinstallation de AgenDav : j’ai le même problème.

Qu’est-ce que je peux faire ? regarder des logs en particulier ?

Merci pour l’aide.


I also would like to know how to backup and restore the calendar?

@kanhu : let’s try to avoid starting multiple discussion topics in the same thread.

Backup and restore will be provided by the yunohost backup system soon. The calendar data are stored by the CalDAV server (baikal) in a mysql db. Agendav itself stores almost nothing.

@Jean31 : can you create a new calendar directly from AgenDAV (even if you don’t see the ones you created from TB)?

@juju: Erreur interneErreur indéterminée, code HTTP=
So An erreor is raised.
See in /etc/var/agendav/log-2014-11-05.php
ERROR - 2014-11-05 12:22:21 --> Error requesting https://myDomaine.fr/baikal/cal.php/calendars/jean/: Failed to connect to 2a01:<:my ipV6>: Le réseau n’est pas accessible


Might be a typical hairpinning issue : your server cannot access itself via it’s public IP.

To confirm, paste here the output of :

curl yourdomain.tld

On my server I get :

<head><title>302 Found</title></head>
<body bgcolor="white">
<center><h1>302 Found</h1></center>

@juju thank you , I was just curious. I have lost my backup of calendar and only backup is on baikal.

curl mydomain.tld
nothing is diplayed :frowning:
I’m not sur that’s a hairpinning probleme
My first test was on local network and now i’m testing it from outside , the logs and error are identical

@Jean31 : I meant issuing the curl call from the server itself (via a ssh connection).

Yes. ssh on my pi, I tried curl mydomain.tld, and sudo curl mydomain.tld
Nothing, no output :frowning:

So you have a hairpinning issue.

Edit the /etc/hosts file of your server and AgenDAV will be fine.

Excellent !!!

Very nice, Bug corrected !

And I had another bug: Roundcube was not reachable with an arror message:
502 Bad Gateway
this bug is corrected to !!

Thank you very much!

Merci merci merci!!