Resolve Server on Yunohost computer

Dear community,

I have a yunohost server on a nuc x64 that has been running for a few years without any problems. I work in the audiovisual industry and use the Da Vinci Resolve application. With this software, you can put projects on a remote server, which is also used for collaborative work, and you can install it on linux.

I’ve started looking at how to install it on this link:

To install it, you’ll need to make two changes to PostgreSQL (which I’m currently using with mattermost):

  • modify the postgresql conf file and put “listen_adresses = “*””
  • add a “host all all scram-sha-256” at the end.

I’m no SQL expert, but could this modification damage my other applications? Is this a problem in terms of security?
Thank you very much,

I’m not an expert either, but yes, open a service to EVERYBODY on the Internet is always dangerous.

The listen_adresses explain where your PostgreSQL server will listen, and if for this application you need to have a direct access to the database from the Internet, then maybe you’ll need it.

The 2nd part says who can connect to what.
This part must be modified, because I think you’ll create a new database for this app, and only this base should be impacted.



Maybe it’s the time for me to learn how to pack an app on yunohost.

thx for your time