[Resolu]The 'certificat wildcard' (*.nomdomaine.tld) with YUNOHOST



It seems to me ‘certificat wildcard’ (*.nydomain.tld) extends the SSL protection to all subdomains (Excellent article in French)

But how to give a SSL certificat to *.mydomaine.tld with YNH. The Domains interface does not accept this format.

Il me semble que le ‘certificat wildcard’ (*.nomdomaine.tld) étend la protection SSL à l’ensemble des sous-domaines. (Excellent article en français)

Mais comment déclarer un certificat SSL à *.nomdomaine.tld ? L’interface Domaines refuse le format.

Thank you/Merci

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I’s not implemented for know, but was a subject of discussion during Yunohost Meeting => yunohost-20-04-2021 | Instance Etherpad Publique de La Quadrature Du Net (lqdn.fr)


Relevant WIP PR too :innocent: .

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Thank you for your feedbacks
So while waiting for this features, we will continue to give an SSL certificat to all our subdomains :slight_smile: .

Merci de vos retours.
Dans l’attente de cette fonctionnalité, nous continuerons à attribuer des certificats SSL à tous nos subdomaines :slight_smile: .

Thank you for YNH, José

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