Request to get listed in Distrowatch

Distrowatch is leading Linux distribution tracker and reviewing website. Link: Distrowach. Its followed by many Linux lovers and enthusiast. Getting YunoHost listed on it would be one step forward to get to the people who don’t know about YunoHost but want a similar solution for selfhosting.

So I emailed them and they were quite fast to respond. Here is the conversation thread of the email.

I will probably revisit it toward the end of the year. When I last
looked at it, the project appeared to be abandoned which is why it was
passed over. Judging by their forum activity and updated documentation
it looks like the devs have renewed their efforts.

On 15/10/17 01:10 PM, wrote:
> Thanks for the prompt reply. The project is mature enough, I hope it
> passes the required standards in the next test.
> On Sunday 15 October 2017 09:31 PM,  wrote:
>> The YunoHost project is already listed on our waiting list. We tried it
>> earlier this year and found it is not ready for listing in our database.
>> On 15/10/17 12:53 PM, wrote:
>>> Hi Distrowatch Team
>>> I would like to give a request to add YunoHost to your list. The project
>>> is more than 5 years old now and have around 2000 users. Its main
>>> objective is self-hosting.
>>> Here are the information requested by you.
>>> 1. YunoHost based on Debian
>>> 2. Website links:,,
>>> 3. The main goal of the distro is to make self hosting easier. More
>>> information here
>>> (English and French)
>>> 4. Installation process:
>>> 5. Documentation:
>>> 6. Xmpp support:
>>> 7. Help and support page:
>>> 8. Wikipedia:
>>> I hope the information provided above is enough to get listed on
>>> Distrowatch. If any further information is required please feel free to
>>> contact on the support channel.
>>> Thanks and Regards
>>> (User of Yunohost)
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Good idea, why not!

But you’ll have to explain YunoHost is quite in the middle between a distribution and an application.

Even if we have many characteristics of a distribution, it does not replace Debian as it is a tool to ease the integration of application on top of it.
That’s why we do not distribute package but scripts to install/remove/etc. an application.