Request to all the apps packagers to put YunoHost badge on the core app page

To all the app packagers please do a request to put the YunoHost app badge on the core app page you have packaged. So that people visiting the app page can know the option to host the app on YunoHost. All the good work put in to packaging of the YunoHost can only be fruitful when the people interested in the app can know about your package. YunoHost badge is perfect way to promote the work you have done and core app developer will be happy to have a hosting solution like YunoHost for there app.

Here are few examples:

Run on YunoHost

Install Peertube with YunoHost

Peertube app for YunoHost. See here

Install it on YunoHost.

Install Firefly-III with YunoHost
See here..

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Just to be sure: when you say “on the core app page”, you mean for instance this page for Shaarli ?

Yes the main app page. If you have better word please change core with that.

Ok, that’s what I understood.
I’ll do it for Wallabag and Shaarli.

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Firefly III have pushed the option to install with YunoHost on there developer branch . Firefly III package for YunoHost is here.

Monica already have install with YunoHost option for Monica on there installation page. Monica package for YunoHost is here.

Peertube has shown lot of love by having YunoHost badge as an option to install Peertube over YunoHost, see here. Peertube package for YunoHost is here.

Baikal don’t want any advertisement on there page :frowning:. Baikal package for YunoHost is here.

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I’ve added the badge on The Lounge wiki

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It’s done for Shaarli too :slight_smile: (the team was really welcoming :slight_smile: )


It’s done for Wallabag, thanks to @kanhu :slight_smile:

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Kimai 2 developer is generous enouh to put the YunoHost badge on the Kimai 2 documentation page. Hope this app grows fast.