Request for comments for a self hosting project

Hello YunoHosters. A long time ago Alex invited me to share my self hosting solution / idea though at the time I was just working on the second rewrite. I thought I would share what I made to get some comments on my direction. My software is called Wharfie and you can read about it at


Where is the code, actually ? :slight_smile: It’s difficult to give any comments without it.

Hello SohKa, thanks for your reply. I don’t have the full source code online but I do have this example module you can look at

It’s hard to make any comments without your code.

But according to your website content, your project’s principles look like Yunohost’s ones (apart from the fact that you would support Docker). Why don’t you contribute to an existing project ? :slight_smile:

At the time of my projects beginning (about 3 years ago) there seemed to be few solutions that used leveraged docker to the extent that I wanted except cloudron which seems a heck of a lot more money than i was willing to pay for services that are free normally. Cloudron had most of the services i wanted but they were incomplete at the time. I don’t have much money and the novelty of running these apps didn’t move the needle for me by around $50 per month.