Remove Cloudflare Automatic DNS records Configuration


My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS (Linode)
YunoHost version: (stable)
Server Access: : SSH & webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

When setting up my server the system detected I was using Cloudflare for DNS. I wanted to give the experimental Automatic DNS Record configuration a try but after configuring it I get the following error message

Failed to authenticate on registrar’s API. Most probably the credentials are incorrect? (Error: 400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:

I have verified the API key using:

curl -X GET “” \ …

Here’s my issue & question:

I am unable to remove the failed configuration from the Web UI and can’t find the right command to reset to the default.

How do I remove the experimental configuration and revert back to the standard config.


Deleting the fie file in /etc/yunohost/domains/t.l.d.yml resolved the issue and the error messages in the webUI are gone. :grinning:

domain_config_auth_username: your email
Authentication token: global API key
domain_config_zone_id: zone ID (click on your domain and scroll down to find this number on the Overview tab)

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