Remote YH server setup for email - reverse DNS workaround

Hello all

My internet provider doesn’t alter reverse DNS records, so I’m setting up a remote YH install to relay emails. Have you done this? If yes, any advice you can offer would be so welcome!

I’m working on implementing @tituspijean’s advice in this thread, to set up a remote YH VPS install for self-hosted email relay.

My YunoHost server


  • email YH instance: Remote VPS - Scaleway Stardust Server

  • main YH instance: Old computer - Mac Mini circa 2014 (running on VM via VirtualBox)

YunoHost version: 11.2.8

I have access to my server :

  • Through SSH

  • through the webadmin

  • direct access via keyboard / screen

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

But… according to this post, setting up Yunohost behind a Fritzbox can be painful.

Description of my issue

What you are trying to achieve

I am setting up a YH install on a remote VPS solely to relay email to my locally hosted YH instance.

I am sorting out initial install diagnostic issues, and have hit some hurdles.

I am working on how to make the email YH instance to route emails for the main YH instance, using the main YH instance’s domain.

email YH | email.mydomain.tld <--- route emails only
main YH | mydomain.tld <--- does everything else 

The context

I’m working on getting around an ISP (Internet Service Provider) limitation issue. Because my ISP doesn’t offer reverse DNS, I looked for other options. The Yunohost documentation states that third party SMTP relays are suboptimal. @tituspijean therefore offered the advice in this thread to set up a remote Yunohost install.

What I tried
Step a: set up new DNS A record on main YH domain (via my remote DNS service, Cloudflare): email.mydomain.tld

Step b: set up email YH instance using email.mydomain.tld as main domain

Step c: run diagnostics on email YH setup.


See a bunch of errors that suggest I need to duplicate all the DNS records for email.mydomain.tld that I already have set up for mydomain.tld.

My questions

Is it possible to make what I am doing work?
ie use a subdomain of one YH install as the main domain for another YH install

**Can I make the email YH route main YH emails? **
ie I want the emails to show as user@mydomain.tld not user@email.mydomain.tld

Does the email YH need a new domain (like a, for example) to work?

What are the YH specific DNS DKIM and SPF keys or syntax for those keys?
The documentation and @tituspijean’s advice both mention these keys, but I can’t find further detail on how I would set them up correctly.

Is there a chance of successful email relay setup if I ignore the diagnostic warnings and just keep following @tituspijean’s steps?

Thanks for reading! :rainbow:

Please reply if you have hunches about how I can stop the hung process.

Bump! @tituspijean any suggestions?

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