Relaunch Skipped Migrations


Hello guys,

I can’t migrate from yunohost 3.8 on proxmox lxc container
i always make rollback when the migration failed.
And i can launch migration on the container.
I create a full backup with yunohost tool on the container

I create a kvm VM on proxmox with a fresh install of the last yunohost 3.6 iso
i don’t execute post install but execute restore from my backup
some applications failed baikal and peertube but i don’t care the problem is that i can’t lauch migration because it’s skip.

How can i try to relaunch migration on this kvm because i don’t launch migration on this yunohost instance.

Please help

The next plan if the migration is not possible with this VM is to import the backup on a fresh kvm with yunohost 4 this time
Maybe i could have more chance.

Regards guys

No log, no help

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That’s the problem i have no log to give because there is no log when you
yunohost backup create on yunohost 3.8 and you restore backup on yunohost 3.6 freshly install.

I just want to force launch (not relaunch because i never launch it) the migrate process that i never launch on the newly installed yunohost 3.8

Does anybody knows how to launch skipped migration.

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