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My Yunohost is running on a Raspberry. I’m thinking about moving it on a x86 machine. If I install the appropriate ISO image on the new x86 machine, will I be able to restore the backup created on the Rapsberry ? Or do I have ton configure everything again from scratch?

In theory, yes

Though from stories of people that did this (well, not so many ? :stuck_out_tongue:) you could run into a case where some app was available on Raspberry Pi but not on x86 (well, that one is unlikely, issues are probably the other way around) or maybe some weird stuff about dependencies or whatever being backuped and attempting to restore them on a x86 setup would fail …

Long story short: maybe, probably yes - though non-negligible chance of things not working depending on which apps you have

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OK thanks. So far my Raspberry is running. I have some minor issues but it’s running.

I’m not an expert and I have not time right now for solving weird stuff. I’ll keep it for later :slight_smile:

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