Redirects to app overview on first self packaged app

Hallo to all of you!

I am currently trying to package my first app and was able to install it. Now I have the problem, that I cannot open the app. When I am trying to open it, I just get redirected to the overwie off my apps ( When I am logged out, I get redirected to the login page, even if the App was installed as public app. The App is just using php7.2-fpm and nginx. I do not see any errors in the php7.2-fpm.log or in the,log.

Since I do not get any error messsages, I do not have more information about this problem.

I would be happy, if anyone would be able to help me solve this problem.

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I think this often comes from nginx. Perhaps a slash missing or too many

Thanks for your answer.

I do not think, that this is the case, since I am using the config form the example app. Also, I wasn’t redirected as I had an error with php.

If it helps, heres the source of the package:

Its the development version and repository, so its not that pretty :slight_smile:


You could try to test your app using the tool to test your app. It will try to install/remove/upgrade/etc. You will not usually know why it fails but you will know if it runs from a technical point of point.

In your app, could you you use the official helper for managing php ynh_add_fpm_config from

Also, you should start little and begin by serving a static page/file from nginx before wanting to add some php. You will be able to locale the error more easily I think.