Redirections for blog (writefreely) [RESOLVED]


I have a writefreely blog and I want to make all pages accessible only if a yunohost user is log and the blog’s pages accessible to everyone.
I tried to make the app accessible to users and add an “unprotected_urls” rule for the blog in conf.json.persistent but it doesn’t work. I guess since the root of the link is protected anyone can’t access the link.
Is it possible to do it ?

Plus I’d like to make the blog’s pages reachable to and writefreely to
To do it I tried to change the url of the app by adding “manager” and I wanted to make a redirection of the blog’s page to “” with “redirected_urls” in conf.json.persistent. But adding a word in the app’s url didn’t work. When I tried the new url I had a 404 page of writefreely so I put it back to the root url.
Do you think I can do it ? and how ?

I hope my question are clear, if it’s not the case, let me know (;

Thanks in advence (:
Have a nice day

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up :wave::wink:

UUuuuh yeah I’m not familiar with the url architecture of writefreely … but indeed if “” is protected, then “” can’t be made accessible to visitors without also making accessible to visitors as well (maybe that’s not really such an helpeful answer @_@)

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Thank you, now I’m sure I need to try sometime else !

Changing a few lines of /var/www/writefreely/config.ini resolve everything

I switch “open_registration” to false
I added a “landing” url

a little “sudo systemctl restart writefreely” and that’s it
At the end it was pretty easy :smile:

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