Re-start form scratch on Cubieboard



I’ve freshly install a version of yunohost on a cubie board. I’ve done it, by installing first a cubian (debian for cubie board), and then I used the install script, provided by yunohost, on it.

As I’m a pure newbie, I get the impression that I broke my installation (the jabber part, were asking me question at fist time, that I’m no able to get anymore, and it failed.). So I thought about reinstalling the yunohost part from scratch.

Is there a way to desinstall (purge) entirely yunohost, to reinstall it.


Hi briner,

You can’t remove YunoHost. You need to reinstall from scratch: Cubian + YunoHost.
You can use my scripts for creating YunoHost images for Cubieboards to help you build your own image.

Best regard.

Thanks Moul for your fast response.

That is a bit sad :frowning: that we can not as Debian support, remove all the dependencies and get a purged version of Cubian without YunoHost.

Anyway, thanks for the amazing job you have all done. I’ll restart from scratch as I’m using my Cubieboard with sata.

P.-S. votre truc déchire grave. Merci pour tout :smile:

You are using SATA. I can’t use it on my Cubieboard. How are you doing?
Cool que ça te plaise :slight_smile: !

I’ve been insalling YunoHost with Cubian. One of my collegue installed it on the Nand. And then I simply follow this. It was working fine until… until I screw up the installation of YunoHost.