RASPBERRY 1 - Install yuno Some question


Hello there,

before i install yuno i need to know some point.

first : i will install yuno on my raspberry with a 4 gb Sd card, so after that i will use it to create mailbox (i bought a nameDomaine) i will use owncloud, and of cours openVpn.

and i want add other application like Sync my Android contact to yuno, photo from my smartphone directly on Yuno,
so how i can add other aplicaiton like a phpbb Forum, and a social network, like oxwall or humhub ?

thanks to all

Niveau apps officielles, tu peux installer owncloud pour la synchro photo, baikal pour l’agenda et le répertoire et jappux comme réseau social. Pour le reste tu devras te tourner vers des application non-officielles, a installer avec précautions. La liste des applications officielles et non-officielles est disponible ici.

Hi. I just discovered humhub, it looks like a great app for enterprise social network.
I’ll try to package it later on :wink:
Once the app is packaged, you can install it from the web interface or the command-line just like any other YunoHost app (such as owncloud, etc…)

But if i want use yuno like a webserver to create my own php page with symfony framwork, can i do ?

Yes you can install an app that gives you a small FTP space.
If you need more complex apps (such as humhub…) it is preferable to package them using the YunoHost packaging system. See my post here: Is running a website on a server with Yunohost installed possible?

The advantage of packaging is that you will be able to easily install/remove/upgrade/backup/restore the app. And everyone will be able to do so as well using your package :smile:
If it’s your own private page, you can just keep the package to yourself and install it from a local folder though


but if i dev, i will not only packatage evry time i have to trie in production ?

other question, in france we have a freebox so we configure it with directly acces on internet so no firwall

direectly yuno on the internet, is not to dangerous ?

or i need to have a firewall ?

You have to package just once: https://yunohost.org/#/packaging_apps_en
Then you install the app from the package you made. You can uninstall/reinstall anytime you want if the package is properly made

For the freebox, see: https://yunohost.org/#/isp_box_config_fr and https://yunohost.org/#/isp_free_fr
Of course there are security risks once you allow direct access to a computer on your network, but YunoHost already has a firewall. But if someone takes control of your YunoHost server (root) then this person might access your local network as well for instance.

Yunohost has directry access to Internet only if you put your device in “DMZ”. On your local network, it’s behind a “NAT”. You need to redirect different port to your Yunohost instance. Yunohost has a firewall, has Fail2Ban. Choose a root/admin password widely. Don’t redirect port you don’t use on the Freebox configuration.

I’m doing some tutorial in French on my own blog and I’m currenlty trying to improve french documentation so if you need help, in French, with Yunohost and Freebox, just ask here in this forum in the French section :slight_smile:

ok Thanks

i will the french forum :smile:

but last question about the raspbery, i have the Raspberry 1 and a 4GO sd card, but how configure datas ?
4 go is too small ?