RAM, Apps & Low-Tech


N’ayant aucune idée de comment faire, je laisse ça ici en mode post-it.

Est-ce qu’il y aurait une moyen de renseigner, dans le catalogue des applications, celles qui fonctionneraient encore avec 512Mb ou 1024Mb de ram, comme sur les briques.

C’est pour éviter d’installer des machins qui fonctionneraient de toutes façon pas.


Having no idea how to do it, I leave it here in post-it mode.

Is there a way to indicate, in the application catalog, which ones would still work with 512Mb or 1024Mb of ram, like on the cubes.

This is to avoid installing stuff that wouldn’t work anyway.


It is being envisioned in the next packaging format: Thoughts towards a new packaging format / manifest format · Issue #1614 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub

But that’s for the app manifest. I don’t think we have discussed integrating this information in the catalog.


You are amazing folks :blush: vous êtes formidableS

Ultimately it should get in the catalog yes, the plan is to have an “intermediate” page between the catalog and the app install form, where one can have a more exhaustive description of the app, info about its integration in Yunohost (RAM requirement, support for LDAP/SSO, architecture, antifeatures, other important informations …), screenshots … similar to the FDroid store


Cette fonctionnalité a été implémentée depuis la version 11.1 de YunoHost. :metal: