Radicale / infcloud maintenance mode

Hi! I’m using radicale https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/radicale_ynh since a few years without any problems. Today I (successfully) upgraded this app via Yunohost web interface, but now, when opening the URL of this app I receive “Your app radicale is currently under maintenance!” and the page (my.domain.de/radicale_maintenance/) reloads itself every 5 seconds.
How can I disable the maintenance mode?
Thanks a lot!

Hi! I found the solution on my own:
I found /etc/nginx/conf.d/my.domain.de.d/maintenance.radicale.conf.
There I replaced
rewrite ^$radicale/(.*)$ $radicale_maintenance/? redirect;
rewrite ^$radicale_maintenance/(.*)$ $radicale/\$1 redirect;

after systemctl reload nginx everything worked fine again.

Hello fummelmann

This maintenance mode is a new feature tested in some of my apps.
After your upgrade, it was supposed to return the normal mode. Not to stay stuck on maintenance mode.
Do you have a log of your upgrade ? It would be really interesting to know what happened.

I upgraded my radicale server myself, and have encountered that error too.
Sorry, my bad, it was a stupid mistake…

By the way, if you want, you can simply remove the file /etc/nginx/conf.d/my.domain.de.d/maintenance.radicale.conf