Radarr: Connection refused when I set login type to "Form"

Hi everyone! I just started using yunohost and I love it. Howevere I’m having some issues I hope you can help me sort.

I’ve installed Radarr, Sonarr, Prowlarr, Bazarr and Lidarr.
Everything works great and I can reach them both locally and via reverse proxy.

However when I set the login form in the settings of Radarr I can’t access it anymore, giving me a connection refused error, saying “” is not accessible.

Same things happens with prowlarr.

I applied the same exact settings to lidarr, sonarr and bazarr and they work perfectly redirecting me to the login form.

If i manually substitute with mydomain.com I can then access the login form.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Why don’t you want to rely on YunoHost’s permission system?

Edit: to be tested, and may break your app. If so, alter manually the file back to its previous state:

with the command nano /home/yunohost.app/radarr/config.xml try changing UrlBase to <UrlBase>mydomain.com/radarr</UrlBase>. Restart Radarr service afterwards.

It was just to have another layer of security.
And yes, I’ve already tried to set the urlbase, but it breaks the app.

Then it is most likely an issue with Radarr. You are most welcome to report the bug in their repository. I unfortunately don’t see what I can do on YunoHost’s package for Radarr. :wink:

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