Questions about Kanboard on yunohost - multi domains & security issue?


First question multi domains and Kanboard:
I have a multi domains configuration when I installed kanboard, like public application, only on my second domain (not the main domain) I can’t logged, the message displayed was "Forbidden"
For information: when I inspected the request with Firebug, I observed that there was a request to get ynhpanels.js (https://seconddomain/ynhpanel.js) and the response was 302 (movied temporaly) !?
After removed my first installation, I reinstalled kanboard like a private application and now it works!

Have you an idea why in my context, I can’t logged on kanboard when it is installed like public application ?

Second question:
I observed that the owner of the files of the kanboard application was root (for the user and the group), the other applications use a specify owner for their files (for example for rainloop application it’s www-data).
is there a potential security issue ?