[question2answer] An open source Q&A Platform

I’m happy to announce you that I’ve packaged Question2Answer for YunoHost.

It’s currently available at GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/question2answer_ynh: Question2Answer package for YunoHost

I would like to move it to YunoHost-Apps, but I don’t have the right to do it at the moment. :white_check_mark:

The update and backup scripts should work, but are untested at the time of writing this. (Because there has been no update)


Hey, you can begin by creating a pull request over at GitHub - YunoHost/apps: YunoHost apps directory (follow the instructions in the readme). This will integrate the app into the app catalog.

To transfer the app into the Yunohost-apps organisation, you’ll need to ask one of the admins on the support channel who will send you the org invitation after which you can transfer ownership.

Question2Answer is now in the app directory. You can install it easily from your admin interface.

Just updated the app to 1.8.6, it’s a bugfix version so no major changes.