Question - yunohost change from pi4 to pi5


I have a question

i have a raspberry pi 4 and on it runs yunohost. it is very reliable - i am very happy.

i have made single backups of the installed apps (only the app), like mastodon, peertube, pixelfed etc

now i’m getting the new pi 5 soon and want to transfer the app with data. can i just install yunohost there and then upload the backups and restore the individual apps?

or is there another workaround?

thanks for your answers

YunoHost doesn’t support Bookworm at the moment, so you can’t install it on a Raspberry Pi 5, unfortunately :confused:

yes i have heard that but i thought if i installed the bullseye yunohost would already run on a raspi 5.

have you tried it that way?

as far as i know, the raspi 5 doen’t support bullseye :confused:

ok thank you for your very helpfull answers.

then we have to wait - till the testing for bookworm is over

it seems that the coder are working hard on this “problem”