[question] Update Nextcloud from Nextcloud-Admin-Panel?

Hi, default Nextcloud installation here, no special or manual apps installed.

As nextcloud Admin I see an invitation to update my instance to 22.2.6 version.

Is it better (in security and stability terms) wait untill nextcloud-ynh package gets updated or could I perform safely this update from nextcloud itself? thank you.

Don’t do that !
If you are interested into testing an early update, you can track the official Nextcloud thread, where package mainteners will usuall call for testing using the testing branch of the package a few weeks before releasing officially to all Yunohost instances

EDIT : from the latest PR in the Nextcloud_ynh repo, seems that we will first have to wait for the Bullseye upgrade for Nextcloud 23 to be released as a Yunohost package


thanks :sweat_smile:

No, I did not because I thought that ynh packagers might be doing some tweaks to better integration.

I’m not hurry at all, if something, I need php 7.4

thanks for your bold answer :smiley:

You’ll have php 8 with the coming Bullseye update I think

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I don’t think there is php 8 in Yunoohost’s Bullseye. There isn’t in Bullseye.

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