Question about Upgrade to 11.1



Ive a question about the upgrade to 11.1. (from 11.0.x).

I read that the admin user will changed to the admin-group and that this user after upgrade I have to remove. I know that this should only be after (!) I create an new admin-user and I tested the login :wink:

Have I to create the new admin-user BEFORE I upgrade the system to 11.1? When I looked at the user/group-interface in the current YNH-Webfrontend I cant see an option to create an admin-account. (Maybe I ve potatoes on my eyes :wink: )

Or is this one of the first steps AFTER upgrading?

And how about the SSH-Admin-User? Would this the same admin-user? Or have I to create the SSH-Admin via Commandline or with other steps?

Thanks for your hints

The announcement is self-explanatory

The admins group is created upon upgrade. There will be a legacy admin user AND your first user will be added to the admins group too.

Admin group users have SSH access to the server.


Oh, I knew it: I m blind :wink: Thank you for kicking the potatoes from my eyes :smile:

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