Question about installing Debian for Yunohost

I’m about to reinstall Yunohost and I need to install Debian manually (because reasons).

But Debian installer asks a lot of questions that I’m not familiar with. I’d like to collect answers here and ideally improve the YNH documentation later with your answers.

Context: Old ~2010 tower computer, Intel CPU, 8GB ram, 2x250GB SSD + 2x1TB HDD

  1. If Yunohost is installed on an SSD, which mount options are recommended?
    • noatime and nodiratime? Anything else?
  2. Should we be careful not to use a username that will later be a yunohost account? For example, if I use “narf” for a debian user account, will I be able to have a “narf” yunohost account later?
    • In particular, what happen if restore a yunohost backup that has a user with the same name as a debian account? Should this be avoided to reduce risks?
  3. Debian installer asks for a root password. Will this be the same as the admin account password?
    • I think Yunohost will remove this password so that the root account cannot be used without sudo? Is that correct?
  4. If I install a desktop environment, will it consume resources even if the computer has no monitor connected?
    • If yes, then I guess it’s better to not install any DE?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, storage at least, and probably other ressources such as RAM.

Yes, avoid any name collision between Debian and YunoHost. I would suggest to create a user debian to avoid that. :wink:

Since YunoHost 11.2 there is no admin user anymore. I can’t remember the installation process, but if YunoHost asks for a root password again, it will simply be replaced.

It is definitely not recommended to install an desktop environment on a server.

Thanks for your answers! I updated my guide: Installing Yunohost on an old Intel Mac Pro (tower computer from ~2008~2010) - #13 by narF

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