Python package "django_ynh" as a helper to package Django based projects

To make packaging Django apps easier, i created

The repository is both:

  • A installable YunoHost app (It’s just the Django Admin)
  • A python package with helpers for e.g.: SSOwat integration

I started to use this app in my PyInventory package, here the pull request:

Next project will be my Django-For-Runners package

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In django_ynh -> django in manifest ..? by alexAubin · Pull Request #13 · YunoHost-Apps/django_ynh · GitHub there was the idea to split an rename the project, because it’s currently confusing.

Current idea:

  • django_yunnohost_integration - The PyPi package with the helper to integrate a Django project with YunoHost
  • example_django_ynh - A example implementation that will use the helper PyPi package

Does anyone here have any ideas? Opinions on how to name it better?